Lyle A. Scruggs

Department of Political Science, University of Connecticut

Lyle Scruggs is the director of the Comparative Welfare Entitlements Project and professor of political science at the University of Connecticut. His specialties are comparative political economy, comparative welfare policy, comparative environmental politics, and quantitative research methods. He is the author of Sustaining Abundance: Environmental Performance in Industrial Democracies (Cambridge University Press, 2003), “The influence of inequality on welfare generosity: Evidence from the US states” with Thomas Hayes (Politics & Society, 2017), and "50 Years of Welfare State Generosity" with Gabriela Tafoya (forthcoming in Social Policy & Administration). Professor Scruggs is a co-Director of the UConn Political Economy Workshop, an affiliate of the Center for Environmental Science and Engineering, and a member of the Human Rights Institute’s Economic and Social Rights Group. Professor Scruggs has been a Visiting Scholar at the Quality of Government Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden (2017), the Russell Sage Foundation in New York City (2011-12), and the University of Edinburgh (2004).

Gabriela Ramalho Tafoya

Department of History & Political Science, Manchester University

Gabriela Ramalho Tafoya is the project coordinator for CWEP and assistant professor of political science at Manchester University. Gabriela was a postdoctoral researcher for CWEP from July 2019 to August 2021. Her main research interests are broadly defined as the political economy of social policy, poverty and inequality, and democratic movements and institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Her dissertation project “Social Protection in Latin America: electoral dynamics and welfare generosity in comparative perspective,” mapped out the development of social policy generosity across 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Professor Tafoya is also a collaborating researcher with the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), and a research fellow in the Emerging Welfare Project at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey. She is also interested in environmental sustainability and the progressive realization of economic and social human rights in the Global South.

2018-2021 Team Members:

Ralph Rotondo IV, University of Connecticut

Jordan Kubik, University of Connecticut

Kevin Cahill, University of Connecticut

Chelsea Osei, University of Connecticut

2018-2021 Collaborators:

Platon Tinios, University of Piraeus

Kati Kuitto, Finnish Centre for Pensions

Yunmin Nam, Yonsei University

Moutasem Abdullatif, Koç University

Previous Team Members and collaborators:

Detlef Jahn (Co-PI), University of Greifswald

Kati Kuitto (Co-PI), Finnish Centre for Pensions

Jan Helmdag

Nils Duepont

Bernadette LaMontagne

Eric Lingner

Yunmin Nam

Tim Grafe

Alexander Horn

Marieke Broeren

Ben Danforth