The Comparative Welfare Entitlements Project (CWEP) collects data on institutional features of social insurance programs in 33 countries dating back to the early 1970s. The project extends and updates information collected and published online as CWED by Lyle Scruggs and CWED 2 by Lyle Scruggs, Detlef Jahn, and Kati Kuitto. Data is currently provided for unemployment and sickness insurance benefits as well as for standard and minimum pensions and covers income replacement rates of cash benefits, eligibility criteria and coverage of the programs. Replacement rates are available for ten household types, making CWEP one of the most comprehensive datasets on replacement rates for social insurance programs.


Support for this edition of the project was provided by the National Science Foundation, grant number SES-1756905, for 2018-21, led by Lyle Scruggs and coordinated by Gabriela Ramalho Tafoya.

Support for previous editions of the dataset was provided by the National Science Foundation (SES-0095367, SES-1023939) and by the German Research Foundation (DFG; grant number JA 638/12-1, 12-2, led by Detlef Jahn and coordinated by Kati Kuitto). We are much obliged to the assistance by Bernadette LaMontagne, Yunmin Nam, Ben Danforth, Nils Düpont, Eric Lingner, Tim Grafe, Jan Helmdag, Alexander Horn, Marieke Broeren, Ralph Rotondo IV, Jordan Kubik, Chelsea Osei, and Kevin Cahil with collecting the data.